Breathing Beads, Blessing

As with the Blessing Bells, these beads also were created to enhance positive energy and good intentions in the world. The Blessing Breathing Beads are a visual way of bringing wonderful Blessings to the person using them. Each set is designed in the form or a circle to be used easily for repetition. All are handmade with glass or wood beads that are connected together by a silver circle with a Blessing Word on it.

You place your hand in the circle of beads. Holding the first bead you inhale and breath in your Blessing Word. Exhale and go to the next bead. Repeat and continue around to increase relaxation. Or you can wear the beads, repeat the Blessing word often, and be filled with that Blessing as you go through your day.

Additionally, a set of breathing beads in combination with one of our general CDs -- designed for relaxation, pain control, or coping with a medical procedure -- would really promote wellness and enhance healing through a positive outlook in mind, body and spirit.

*A portion of the proceeds from the Blessing Breathing Beads sales is donated to women's shelters in Helen's local area.

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