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Besides creating Bountiful Blessings Gifts, I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and obtained my master degree in community counseling at Duquesne University. I have worked in various fields of counseling, from a hospital setting involved in the intensive outpatient counseling, to the custody/mediation department, as well as counseling in their wellness center.

In the wellness center is where I felt I really found my niche. I thoroughly enjoyed helping people before they became more critically ill, either emotionally or physically. I experienced first hand how closely thoughts and emotions are connected to the physical health of a person. More and more I saw the benefit relaxation, especially in the form of Guided Imagery, brings to a person’s health. I was amazed at the positive effect of how teaching someone to relax and then redirect their thoughts through guided imagery increased the wellness of a person in mind, body and spirit. That’s when I started making my own CDs to fit the various situations for the physical as well as the emotional issues that effect individuals on the journey of life.

I also am a very visual person. By this I mean that it helps me to see something that cues me to be aware of my thoughts that lead to my actions. That’s why in my office you will find a myriad of positive sayings, uplifting words and pleasant artifacts to remind me to be aware of what I’m thinking and feeling. This is what led me to creating Bountiful Blessings, Gifts with Good Intentions. The various Bountiful Blessing Gifts with their various Blessing words were created to be a reminder for all of us to aware of our thoughts and the intentions of our thoughts and actions.

I am a firm believer that thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become habits. In counseling I want to help people to become more aware of their thoughts and where the intentions of those thoughts are taking them in their health of mind, body and spirit. It’s an amazing process towards health.


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