Guided Imagery

What is Guided Imagery?

From Helen:

When I started working in the field of counseling there was one very important factor that had a large impact on all of my clients’ issues. That one factor was what I call “Self Talk”.

Self talk is what we say to ourselves daily, about everything in our lives. We do it automatically. It immediately starts the moment we open ours eyes in the morning and often times even awakens us from our nights sleep. What I discovered is that most self talk is negative, based on fear and poor perception, and is often not factual.

The Guided Imagery in my CDs will help you change your self talk to a more positive relaxed dialogue that will improve your health.

Guided Imagery is very easy to use and, most importantly, to learn. The difference between meditation and Guided Imagery is that meditation quiets the mind. With Guided Imagery the mind is still active but in a quieter, calmer way. In listening to a Guided Imagery message your negative self talk is gently persuaded in a more positive direction.

Whether it’s a place for healing, self esteem, positive energy or relaxation, Guided Imagery is a very easy and effective technique to use. It really is about giving you a sense of positive control over your life. Control that leads to better health for your mind, body and spirit.

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